24 Keys for Violin Book 1 - Paperback Edition

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Violin Scale and Arpeggio books generally aren’t very interesting. Traditional notation also does little to unlock the underlying secrets that underpin the patterns of Scales and Arpeggios that every violin player need to know.

With our unique system, you can start to learn all the Scales and Arpeggios you need to know in a visual and fun way.

Many struggle to grasp these basic violin fingering patterns, which leads to uncertain intonation, and a lack of confidence.

24 Keys is different. It aims to lead you through the learning process by teaching the unique pattern of each key visually. In addition, by relating keys to the Circle of Fifths, a deeper understanding is developed. This means more time to concentrate on tuning, bowing, and intonation (or actually making music!).

The Grid

The key to our learning system is ‘The Grid’. Imagine if we marked out all the notes in the Key by placing dots on the violin’s strings. If we then colored in the notes in the scale in blue, it would look something like this for a scale of A Major, One Octave...

The Grid works exactly as in the picture above. The Grid just presents the information in an easier to read format.
It’s a little bit like a guitar chord diagram turned on its side. Our experience shows that violinists tend to learn better with The Grid this way around.
Violin Fingering Pattern - A Major Scale


Scales and Arpeggios the easy way!

Making music is all about patterns, so 24 Keys is designed to help students learn the unique fingering pattern that makes up each scale quickly and easily.

We never sacrifice traditional notation. Each Scale and Arpeggio page in the book includes the traditional notation for each scale and arpeggio on the left, with our unique ‘Grid’ complementing it on the right. The correct fingering to use is shown in both the traditional notation, and on ‘The Grid’. Bowing is indicated as usual in traditional notation. 


Our specially written Exercises concentrate on cementing intonation, and are a fun way to solidify Scales and Arpeggios. Some of our Exercises are traditional ‘Solo’ exercises, some are written as duets for student and teacher, or student and student.

All of our exercises are exclusive to 24 Keys – you won’t find yet more arrangements of the same old traditional tunes here!

Reference Pages

Our reference pages show you how each type of scale and arpeggio is made up, explaining the unique pattern of intervals between each one. We also include information on the Circle of Fifths, showing you how to relate this to the violin strings, and the key you are playing in. There's also a Glossary covering all the key musical terms covered in the book.

Practice Ideas

Two Pages of practice ideas show you a number of fun ways to practice scales and arpeggios that can be used in any key!<

Key Facts about this book

  • 68 Pages of Scales, Arpeggios, Exercises, and Reference Pages
  • Many fun practice ideas
  • Written in a friendly and informative style
  • A unique visual way of learning that saves you time and energy
  • High Quality Full Color Printing

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