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Our Printable Musical Terms Flash Cards cover the key terms essential for any learner's understanding of music.
This set of thirty-five flash cards is supplied in printable PDF format. These flash cards are ideal for home, peripatetic, or classroom teacher use.
The following key terms are included in this pack.
Solo Accompaniment Duet Trio Quartet Brass Band
Chamber Orchestra Orchestra Jazz Band Pop Band Choir Soprano
Alto Tenor Bass Concerto Symphony Aria
Opera Musical Movement Libretto Tonic Leading Tone / Leading Note
Dominant Sub-Dominant Supertonic Mediant Submediant Chord
Octave Scale Troubador Requiem Hymn  
Side One of each of the flash cards displays the musical term.
Side Two of the flash cards displays the musical term, along with an explanation of its meaning.
All our flashcards come with a useful leaflet containing ideas and suggestions for their use. This means they can be used by students and their teachers, and also by friends and parents to test learners as they progress, even if they have no musical knowledge to begin with.

Musical Terms Flash Cards - Preview


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