Mandolin Flash Cards - PDF

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Our Mandolin First Position Note Names and Fingerings Flash Cards help you learn the notes of the mandolin quickly and easily.

This set of thirty flashcards is supplied as a digital download for you to print. 

Side One of each of the flash cards shows all the possible notes playable in first position on the mandolin.

Side Two of the flash cards displays the correct note name, fret, string, and finger to use in an easy to read and understand format. This system has been developed over many years in conjunction with musicians, teachers, and students.

All our downloadable flash cards come with a useful leaflet which explains how the flashcards work, and contains suggestions for their use. This means they can be used by students and their teachers, and also by friends and parents to test learners as they progress, even if they have no musical knowledge to begin with.

Mandolin Flash Cards - Preview