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Our Musical Expression Flash Cards cover the key terms essential for any learner's understanding of musical expression.
This set of thirty-five flash cards is supplied in a printable PDF format, and is delivered immediately after payment. These flash cards are ideal for home, peripatetic, or classroom teacher use.
The following key terms are included in this pack.
Dynamics Tempo Mute ff Presto Staccato
f Allegro Marcato mf Moderato Walking Bass
mp Lento Arpeggio p Adagio Broken Chord
pp Rit. Improvisation Cresc. a tempo Ground bass
Dim. rubato Ostinato sfz Poco a poco Sacred
Sfp. Pizz. Secular Da capo Arco  
Side One of each of the flash cards displays the musical term.
Side Two of the flash cards displays the musical term, along with an explanation of its meaning.
All our flashcards come with a useful leaflet containing ideas and suggestions for their use. This means they can be used by students and their teachers, and also by friends and parents to test learners as they progress, even if they have no musical knowledge to begin with.

Musical Expression Flash Cards - Preview


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